Thursday, 26 July 2012

Murray is a wonderful place for student

My name is Abdul Salam Almofadda. I am an international graduate student, from Saudi Arabia. I have been in Murray for 6 months. I chose Murray, KY to study, because of many reasons. First of all, Murray is a small and quiet town which will help me to study. Murray is a natural city covered with green trees, here are many activities you can do it in different seasons of the year such as fishing, deer hunting, camping, and many great activities. It has nearby attractions, on weekend or when I feel bored I can go to Kent Lake or go shopping in Paducah city or Nashville the capital city in Tennessee State it is two hour from Murray.  Second, the rate crime in Murray is low comparing with other states. Besides, people here are very friendly, generous and helpful. Also, they deal with all people in the same way regardless of their religion, nationality or background. This creates a one family atmosphere, makes me feel comfortable and integrated. Besides, Murray has a lot of international students, which gives me a chance to enrich my knowledge, and exchange culture with other countries. I hope, I achieve my aims, and succeed in what I came for...
Murray State University

Murray lake